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@Jack16 It looks like it must have worked then!

If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t be asking for one of these, so maybe they succeeded in their marketing attempts

@Marika_Amsterdam After reading the article, it seems as if there only marketing technique for this product is that most people might not like fries with chocolate sauce on them, so if you are one of the few who do, you do not have to share with anyone else. Like you said, they are basically relying on people to think, “Hey, you know what, maybe I will get fries with chocolate sauce on them that I can tolerate, so that no one else eats them too”. Weird marketing move, but I’m sure people will try them for the experience

In Holland this trend is also picking up, fries with Hands’ off Chocolate. The companies say that both chocolate & french fries are things you rather eat alone, and not share. So now they made a recipe you don’t want to share. Hm, don’t really get the logic but Im curious to find out how this tastes. See article (in dutch)

To me this seems like a waste of good fries. I can think of lots of ways to make chocolate work with french fries but Nutella is not one of them. I think battered fries with cocoa powder in the batter would work really well.

Not sure if I would like it, but I would have to try it to know for sure!

I don’t think that I would like this combination, but it definitely raises some questions! Who thinks that they would like this?
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