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@Keith_Ayoob – It’s impossible to narrow it down as it’s so subjective. Simran does a good job and knows what she is talking about. I noticed some editorial funk at Forbes – Letterpress chocolate bar being shown in the Amano mention; Arete under Patric listing … and I can only access two of the ten promised.

Hard to narrow it down, as the list of good artisan chocolatiers seems to grow by the day. I’ve had a number of the bars on this list however, and have enjoyed all of them, although for different reasons. Taste-wise, they’re all over the map, which is what keeps it interesting for me. The downside? I’m kind of ruined for everyday chocolate. I now try to hold out until I can get something I really like, because there’s just too much good chocolate out there. That said — there are times when “maintenance chocolate” happens.


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