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@liz – one of the really fun things about working in cacao is introducing people who have never really thought about where chocolate comes from to the magical tree that is cacao … and show them just how much hard work it is for farmers to grow, gather, and process the seeds and turn them into the beans from which chocolate gets made.

@DiscoverChoc – I’m surprised that I don’t even recognize it. I wouldn’t know it if I came across it.

@liz – cacao is a wonderfully strange tree in very many respects. Its history is thousands of years old and the vast majority of it did not include chocolate as we know it today. Most people have no idea where the primary ingredient for most chocolate comes from … how and where it is grown, how it is harvested, and how it is processed after harvesting. It is a fascinating topic and one of the reasons I like working in chocolate so much!

Such an interesting process and it looks so different in its original state compared to what we’re used to seeing.
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