I have a small scale chocolate bean to bar business. I don't have any formal education in chocolate…

I have a small scale chocolate bean to bar business. I don’t have any formal education in chocolate making. I’m interested in doing a workshop or short course. my intended outcome from the course is-

-better understanding of the roasting process,
-better understanding of the business side of the industry,
-how to increase the scope and capacity of my current business,
-choosing machines for a small scale business

I live on the East Coast. I have seen a lot of interesting courses internationally. Please pour your suggestions.

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Utah State University is offering courses to industrial scale producers, bean to bar manufacturers, the general public, and to USU student for academic credit. The Aggie Chocolate Factory produces exceptional quality single origin bars in addition to its primary mission as teaching and research facility. https://aggiechocolate.com/
Suggest you contact Dr. Silvana Martini regarding courses. https://ndfs.usu.edu/directory/faculty/silvana-martini

Start with chocolatealchemy.com and learn the basics. Consider a few ecole chocolate courses on-line. Make a ton of chocolate!

I do a class every year with FBM in Las Vegas at the Jean-Marie Auboine school that is what you are looking for as in addition to process we talk about a lot of business topics – unlike many other schools that just cover the chocolate-making process. We don’t have the 2020 dates set, yet but I can add you to the list to let you know!

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