I work with a JKV 30 tempering machine. Lately, we've had problems with it staying in temper for…

I work with a JKV 30 tempering machine. Lately, we’ve had problems with it staying in temper for more than an hour. I use a 64% dark, Shokinag chocolate. The room temp is good and it is the proper humidity. I don’t put the spout on the machine as then, it goes faster!
How often do you empty? I do it every couple months. Could that be the issue. Or does the chocolate get too dry? Should I add more cocoa butter after a time? I’m at a loss.. I’m not sure how to calibrate the thermometer. And, no one services this machine in the US. I believe. Help.

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Found this video by Phillipe Bertrand.. very very good.

Clay, I’m taking the dark chocolate up to 50C. then down to 30, then up to 32 – 32.5. Perhaps I should only go to 38C.

I am currently cleaning the machine. I am getting a 4 degree C difference. The machine is showing colder than my thermometer.

Clay, All good comments. I’ve been fighting with the landlord re: air conditioning and finally just put in a de-humidifier and air conditioning unit. I don’t have a hygrometer, but have kept a thermometer by machine. Oddly enough, I took the chocolate out of the JKV, put it in one of my smaller Chocovision 10lb machines and it was perfect all afternoon.
I put fresh chocolate in the machine every day. I empty it about once a month. Clean the it and start over.
So, process of elimination.. I’ll have to get a temp read on the jkv at top and as it falls during tempering.. make sure the thermometer in the machine is correct.. or rather, how much its off! I bet the over crystallization is because of the temp.
I’ll have to try a small amount and see how it goes. Lots to dip. I made a new truffle with Prosecco and Hibiscus tea with candied hibiscus flowers on top. It must be good, sold out in a couple days.
Thanks so much.

@SweetDriver1 – Have you been in touch with JKV about this? While there may be no service on this they may have some advice to give. How lately is lately? Within the last week? The last month? How long were you working with the machine before it went out of whack?

How do you know temperature and humidity are good? You have a dedicated thermometer/hygrometer situated close to the machine? You can’t rely on the thermostat for the HVAC.

The problem is over-crystallization? The chocolate gets thick quickly?

Do you have a probe thermometer with recording capabilities (a datalogger)? This can let you know how the temperature changes over time and can help you understand if there’s something wrong with the thermometer in the machine.

Chocolate never dries out – there’s no water in it, so that’s not the issue. I don’t see why you’d need to add more cocoa butter and the cleaning schedule is up to you. If you use the machine regularly and are taking chocolate out of the machine then you’re putting new chocolate in the machine on a regular basis so it should not get “old”.

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