I would love to see a dark chocolate recipe that uses sunflower lecithin....mostly for measurement…

I would love to see a dark chocolate recipe that uses sunflower lecithin….mostly for measurement purposes….not to repeat someone else’s recipe. I would be ultra grateful for any info on using this ingredient. My purpose is to improve fluidity and absorb some atmospheric moisture. (I live on a coastline that is normally around 90% humidity indoors and out.

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Most recipes that use lecithin call for no more than about 0.05% (one-half of one percent) lecithin in the recipe. How much you need will depend on how much fat is naturally occurring in the bean and how much (if any added cocoa butter is in the recipe). There is no real difference between soy, sunflower, and canola (rapeseed lecithin) in practice though some products have a distinctive taste.

If you are having humidity problems – are you looking to solve it environmentally using a dehumidifier? Either standalone or as a part of cooling the space you’re in?

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