Need Advice on Display Cases

Need Advice on Display Cases

Hi!  We are opening a retail location for our chocolate business this spring, and are in the market for temperature/humidity controlled chocolate display cases.  We prefer the jewelry style displays, like these:

Everything I’ve looked at in the U.S. is so expensive (over $10K).  I’m willing to invest in quality but I also have a budget for this project, that I’d like to stay within.

I’ve seen similar looking cases from Asian manufacturers (on Alibaba) for a fraction of the U.S. prices.   Is this a case of ‘you get what you pay for?’  

Does anyone have recommendations for U.S. vendors who you feel provide good value and service?  I’d also be open to buying used cases if we found the right one, but then I’m concerned with how to get it serviced if anything goes wrong (same issue with the Asian ones).

I appreciate any help or advice!

  • Miriam

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