Nut supplier recommendation

Hello, for those of you who use nuts in your chocolates, would you be able to recommend suppliers you trust? I am currently buying my nuts locally but am trying to reduce my costs without compromising quality. I looked into large online wholesalers like or but these do not seem to deliver consistent quality and appear to have very poor customer service. Thank you for your advice!

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I think its best to go direct to a grower who is also a processor. For Pecans, Oliver Pecan in San Saba, TX

Olam Specialty Coffee has a new line of every kind of nut you can imagine. Olam Nuts is what they call it if I remember correctly from last emails

@Chocolaterie I do work in R&D for the company but I would highly recommend based out of Montreal, Canada. Non-gmo, straight from source with organic and conventional options.

@Chocolaterie – Where are you located and what kinds of nuts are you looking for and in what quantities? I have some sources for pallet quantities but not sure that you’re looking for that much. Are you looking for certifications (Kosher, organic)? Specialty like Sicilian pistachio or TGL hazelnuts?

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