Retiring and selling chocolate equiptment

Located in N. Little Rock, Arkansas…… selling PERFECT CHOCO mini wheel enrober; HILLIARD Little Dipper; HILLIARD Jumbo Temperer w/ 6″enrober; SAVAGE tabletop cooker; FEDERAL FCC4 climate controlled display case, old CHOCOMA enrober; over 11,000 Custom Tray Inserts fits TAP Packaging Artisanal Truffle Boxes 3” x 9” …. square cavity measures 1″ X 1″ x 1/2” deep …… will sell all or some. Plus other items. Pick up only .

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what do you have left from your equipment?
Thank you.

Okay thanks. You too, best of luck!

No I don’t ….. good luck in your search

Hi. Do you have a Ball Mill?

SAVAGE Table Top Cooker “Fudge Cooker”
1/6 hp/15.5am/RPM23/208vol/ph1/60cycl is what I have . In very good shape with few hours on it. Asking $7500.

This machine has very few hours on it …. SAVAGE Table Top Cooker “Fudge Cooker”
1/6 hp/15.5am/RPM23/208vol/ph1/60cycl …. I’m asking $7500.

Firemixer available??

what are you asking for the savage cooker?

reply toWill do … Thank you

@redclaych – Please keep this post updated when you sell items so new arrivals know where things stand.

I messaged you some information ….. Thank you!

How much are you asking for the perfect choco enrober?


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