wanted:  Raw Cocoa Bean supplier

wanted: Raw Cocoa Bean supplier

Is there a list of Cocoa Bean brokers or suppliers that sell them in 110kg sacks, etc.? Looking for broker/wholesale pricing.

Thank you and stay safe.

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reply toThank you for the info. I appreciate it.

One place to start is Uncommon Cacao. Another would be Meridian Cacao. MABCO in Canada could be a source. Also take a look at Cacaotales – not sure if they have anything organic but it’s worth taking a look.

Thank you for your reply… I would like to get info on Organic beans from Central or South America. Sorry about the 110kg, I meant 110lb or 65kg. If they come in smaller quantity, that’s fine too. If you wouldn’t mind sharing some names, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

There are many cocoa brokers – which one(s) to approach depend on what origins you’re looking for. Some focus on one or two origins, some have a wider range of choices.

Also, bags tend to be on the order of 65kg, I don’t know any country exporting 110kg sacks as they cannot be moved by a single person (65gk sacks are hard enough).

Finally – what country are you located in and what origins most interest you?


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