Stale beans? Or is 5 minutes sometimes too long to roast?

Stale beans? Or is 5 minutes sometimes too long to roast?

Here are the raw beans (Colombian), and 5 and 15 minute roasts (125c). Both roasts were over, with dark nibs and most of the aromatics gone. I’ve never had such dark nibs from such a short roast. Grateful for your comments.

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Ill try a 100c roast tomorrow

Here are the raw beans. These were bought from HB Ingredients in UK, knowingly with a short use-by date, for experimenting

@Limpopolondon –

I have never heard of an expiration date on beans. Who from/Where did you buy them? Can you post photos of an unroasted bean – whole and cut in half? I have never run into the situation where beans essentially burnt at that temperature at that length of time. What happens when you roast at 100C?

Domestic fan oven preheated to 125c. There’s a best before date on these beans, which are in 10kg bags for small batches

@Limpopolondon –

What kind of roaster are you using?
Also – why is there an expiration date on the beans?

That is exactly the case. The raw beans have brown nibs, which turn to nearly black with even 5/7 mins roasting at 125c

Hi, i’m wondering, by dark you mean burnt? Are you sure raw beans aren’t over-fermented? That would turn them from brown to black.


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