Surprise: Non-Experts Confuse Some Facts About White ChocolateI rewrote the headline because…

Surprise: Non-Experts Confuse Some Facts About White Chocolate

I rewrote the headline because the story that arrived in my email inbox was total clickbait, 9 Popular Foods That Are Total Frauds. So I took a look at the article because I wanted to see if chocolate made the list of total fraud foods.

And it is, at #4 – White Chocolate. (The pole position was occupied by Red Velvet cake, followed by Wasabi.) The problem is, the first definition the author gives for white chocolate is wrong, even though they mention the correct definition later on in the paragraph. Confusing, much? While milk and sweet chocolate (the category that includes what we call dark chocolate) must contain cocoa liquor, white chocolate most definitely does not, thinking otherwise perpetuates the myth that white chocolate is not real chocolate. Conflating the presence/lack of flavanols in white chocolate is not helpful, either.

The point about how Red Velvet cake gets is name/color is splitting hairs (so I don’t see it as the total fraud made out in the clickbait headline) and now ruby has new meaning in the context of chocolate so care needs to be taken with that attribution).

Read about white chocolate and the other 8 foods that aren’t what they claim to be and let us know your thoughts:

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