TCL Collab :: Cacao Consulting & Orinoco Chocolate Company

TCL Collab :: Cacao Consulting & Orinoco Chocolate Company

Offering NPD, startup co-manufacturing, a wide range of business consulting services – and single-origin craft chocolate products that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, and free from refined sugars. (Leaving in all the taste.)

TheChocolateLife welcomes Cacao Consulting and Orinoco Chocolate Company as collaborators.

The collab with Cacao Consulting began in mid-2022 to locate alternative sources for chocolate-making equipment, especially custom-engineered solutions, that deliver superior price/performance options for craft chocolate makers. The collab now also extends to bean and ingredient sourcing and general business consulting.

Chocolate Formulation - Keto, Vegan, Bean to Bar | Cacao Consulting | Arizona
Cacao Consulting is a chocolate R&D and formulation firm specializing in the creation of clean label, advanced ingredient chocolate recipes, especially bean-to-bar, keto or low-to-no-sugar, and vegan. We support you from production consulting to manufacturing and packing.

Together, the collab of Cacao Consulting and TheChocolateLife has more than thirty years of combined experience spanning chocolate making and co-manufacturing, ingredient sourcing, new product development in the natural foods industry, marketing, branding, and business development skills that can help you achieve – and exceed – your chocolate goals.

Through its collaboration with Orinoco Chocolate, TheChocolateLife creates, hosts, and presents educational chocolate-making, tasting, and pairing experiences for events of all kinds for audiences of all ages – private, corporate, and non-profits interested in fundraising using chocolate.

Bean To Bar Craft Chocolate | Orinoco Chocolate Co. | Prescott, Arizona
Bean to bar craft chocolate shipped worldwide. Handmade in small batches with no refined sugar. Allergen friendly, vegan and keto facility.

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