The New Case Against Mars, et al | #PodSaveChocolate

The New Case Against Mars, et al | #PodSaveChocolate

Episode 8 of #PodSaveChocolate features Terry Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates Starting time: 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT.

This episode of #PodSaveChocolate was pre-recorded.

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The New Case Against Mars, et al | #PodSaveChocolate
Episode 8 OverviewTerry Collingsworth, Executive Director of International Rights Advocates, has been a guest on several episodes of TheChocolateLife on Club…

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Episode 8 Overview

Terry Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates has been a guest on several episodes of TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse and TheChocolateLifeLIVE.

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Terry Collingsworth, International Rights Advocates
Friday, January 21st, 12:00 EST.

In those episodes, we’ve discussed the work of International Rights Advocates in the legal cases here in the US whose purpose is to hold “Big Chocolate” accountable for ongoing labor abuses in their cocoa supply chains in West Africa.

Updated – Slavery on Trial
A room on Clubhouse was scheduled for July 28th with Special Guests Terry Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates and Ayn Riggs of SlaveFreeChocolate_org.

This post has links to many resources that provide good background to this story.

Recently, CBS News aired a piece in which it showed that several Big Chocolate companies (Mars, Cargill, and Mondelēz) could not credibly say they had no knowledge of labor conditions on the farms they source from, and thus no responsibility, for the worst forms of illegal child labor, a position defended in other legal actions IRAdvocates has filed.

Candy company Mars uses cocoa harvested by kids as young as 5 in Ghana: CBS News investigation
Children in Ghana, some as young as 5, are working cocoa fields and wielding machetes instead of attending school.

Shortly after the above piece aired, IRAdvocates filed a new lawsuit in the DC District Court.

Kassim, et al. v. Cargill, Mars, and Mondelēz — IRAadvocates

In this episode of #PodSaveChocolate Terry and I will discuss this case, what makes this case different from the other cases IRAdvocates has filed, and we’ll get a status update on those cases, too.

Below are photos of Terry from his recent trip to Ghana – we will put names to the faces during the interview.

Documents mentioned in the episode

We covered a new case filed in France – asking that French retailers comply with disclosure laws. Learn more about those cases in the documents below.

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