TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Deep Dive into Continuous Tempering

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Deep Dive into Continuous Tempering

Episode 31 streams live on Friday, April 8th from 12:00 EDT.

I started actively selling continuous tempering systems for chocolate from FBM back in mid-2012, but my first introduction into the world of sales was brokering a Selmi depositing line to Cacao Prieto in 2011.

Of course, I had been exposed to continuous tempering machines, especially those from LCM, back as early as 2002 or thereabouts during my work on The World Pastry Forum and the National/World Pastry Team Championships.

One of the biggest eye-opening challenges I faced was from my first customer was to figure out how to properly temper a three-ingredient milk chocolate that, as you might imagine, was incredibly viscous. Figuring this out led to the development (in 2012) of what we ended up calling the craft chocolate upgrade – a set of tweaks to the tempering machine specifically made to work with chocolates with no added cocoa butter.
My relationship with FBM ended in January 2020 and so while I may mention FBM because I am extremely familiar with their machines, I am not being compensated in any way by FBM for my opinions.

Over the course of the past dozen years, as I monitor several groups on Facebook, the r/chocolate subreddit, and elsewhere, it’s clear to me that people misunderstand what tempering is supposed to accomplish, what the significant variables are that affect temper, and how to control those variables to their needs.

One of the biggest challenges I find even after a decade is that people’s conceptual model of how tempering works breaks down as they move from batch to continuous tempering – and while this live stream will cover a lot of the theory and practice of tempering (it won’t attempt to diagnose or cure any specific problems – there are many other places to do that), the main goal of the session is to clear up the confusion around continuous tempering; how it is the same as, and different from, batch tempering. I will also cover some of what I perceive as the top mistakes people make when considering the purchase of their first continuous tempering machine.

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