TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Judging Quality

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Judging Quality

Episode 30 streams live from 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, April 5th.

There is no absolute objective measure of quality; and there can be no absolute objective standard for what can be considered good or what can be considered bad.

But it is possible to reach qualitative judgments about cocoa and chocolate – it’s important to keep in mind these judgments are a mix of objective and subjective elements.

In this live stream we’ll discuss the evaluation of cocoa and chocolate, what rating systems exist and what they are good at (and bad) at. Potential definitions for quality and how to talk about it.

And ... what all this has to do with the judging being done during awards programs. Things to keep in mind include the diversity (or lack thereof) of judging ecosystems and how transparency (or the lack thereof) plays a role on how judgments of chocolate “quality” are communicated and how different audiences perceive the results and internalize them.

Finally, “Could awards judging be doing more harm than good – or at least have unintended negative consequences?


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One of the challenges with analyzing the list of winners is that it’s not published in a form that lends itself to analysis.
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I’ve downloaded the data from the awards page and after cleaning it up, did some analysis. Here are some initial top-line stats. Total number of entries Approximately 800. There is a very close correlation between the number of Winners and the number of Grand Jury Finalists – most
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The issues I have can be summarized as: There is a disconnect between what wins awards, and what people buy (at least when it comes to small batch craft chocolate); and There is a disconnect between what the awards are supposed to recognize and how the awards are used by

Archived TCL:LIVE streams to watch that provide background:

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