TheChocolateLife::LIVE – The International Markets for Specialty Cocoa

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – The International Markets for Specialty Cocoa

A look at the international markets for cocoa and where specialty cocoa fits.

One of my responsibilities – and privileges – at the recent Chocolat Bahia festival in Ilhéus was to co-present, with Rob Willemsen – on the topic of the international markets for cacau fino – specialty cocoa.

In this edition of TheChocolateLife::LIVE I will go over that presentation in detail. There is a copy of the presentation on the page below – you can download it in advance and review it in preparation for the live stream. If you have questions in advance, please post them in the comments. You can also respond during the live stream by asking questions in the comments/chat whether you’re watching on YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Chocolat Bahia 2022 – Minhas Apresentações
Downloadable PDF files – with speaker notes – for the three presentations I participated in at Chocolat Bahia in Ilhéus in July, 2022.
Chocolat Bahia 2022 – A Festival Photoblog
I return to Ilhéus in Southern Bahia after a five-year gap. This is the oldest of the Chocolat Festivals in Brazil – and the first since 2019.
You can read about my most recent trip in this post.
HB Consultoria
Rob Willemsen’s website (original in Portuguese).

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