Venezuela Photoblog

Venezuela Photoblog

Inspired by a recent Clubhouse room featuring special guests Claudia Franceschi, Corina Gimenez, and Mariana de la Rosa.

I visited the Barlovento Region of Miranda State, Venezuela, back in April-May 2006 while on a bean buying trip with Shawn Askinosie. We stayed in the town of Rio Chico.

The vast majority of the photos from the trip are on an archive DVD I don’t have easy access to. These were on an archive hard drive and are selects from my trip I was considering for inclusion in my book Discover Chocolate.

After a day visiting farms, a collection of pods we found.
Unfortunately, this farmer’s basket fermentation protocol resulted in a (too) high ratio of un/under-fermented beans. The guillotine belonged to Shawn, not the farmer.
Shawn (foreground left) in negotiations with Diego to purchase cacao. Shawn is offering pre-payment terms (a mistake as it turned out), while Diego wants nothing up front, preferring 100% of the money on pickup from the coops collection center – what he said were the standard terms.

Thoughts? Questions? Have you been to Venezuela and have experiences to share? Leave them in the comments below.
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