TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 19

TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 19

Featured Topics for the Week of July 26~30. Episodes 19.01~19.05 (89-93).

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The Chocolate Life
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Monday – The Flavors of Venezuela

with co-host Christian Tyler and Special Guest Claudia Franceschi.

Cacao Franceschi Catalog/Flavor Guide (PDF)

A 1935 invoice to Bonnat for beans from Venezuela.
A 1935 invoice/receipt to Bonnat for beans from Chuao (35Fr/50kg) and San Rafael (28Fr/50kg). Courtesy the Bonnat family. (Click to enlarge.)

Tuesday – Cadmium in Chocolate

with special guests Keith Ayoob and Heather Terry

Cadmium in Chocolate
Exposure doesn’t equal toxicity! Humans have been exposed to cadmium since time began.

EU Commission, Cadmium in Chocolate (PDF)

The Impacts of New EU Cadmium Regulations on the Cocoa Supply Chain | World Cocoa Foundation
In January 2019, a new European Union (EU) regulation on cadmium in chocolate will go into effect, with a potential for impacting the entire cocoa supply chain. According to some experts…
Heavy Metals Regulations in the European Union: An Overview
Heavy metal regulations in the EU, covering toys, cosmetics, textiles, food contact materials, electronics, batteries, and more
Toxic Chocolate — As You Sow
If you have a sweet tooth, you may have read studies talking about the health benefits associated with eating moderate amounts of chocolate. But our research has found a potential health risk in popular chocolate products that’s been flying under the radar – many chocolates contain toxic metals like
Product Safety Standards & Regulations in California: An Overview
Product safety standards and regulations in California, introducing product scope, standards and requirements, labeling, lab testing and more
California Proposition 65: What will Change for US Chocolate Lovers and Cocoa Farmers in Latin America? | World Cocoa Foundation
California’s Proposition 65 is a long-standing law that has important effects on small cocoa producers in Latin America and chocolate choices available in U.S. stores. The law has not received as much…
California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5207. Cadmium.

California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (link)

Cadmium Toxicity | Winchester Hospital
Cadmium toxicity occurs when a person breathes in high levels of cadmium from the air, or eats food or drinks water containing high levels of cadmium. Cadmium is a naturally occurring metal. It is usually present in the environment as a mineral combined with other elements like oxygen, chlorine, or …
h/t DGH
Chocolate contains cadmium that can increase cancer risk
Children and adults all over the world love chocolate, either enjoying it by eating chocolate bars or sipping warm cocoa drinks.
h/t DGH

MOCCA Newsletter on Cadmium (.PDF – h/t DGH)

Wednesday – Slavery on Trial

A look at the meaning and implication of the SCOTUS decision, the pending case in the DC Circuit Court, and the CBP suit with special guests Terry Collingsworth (International Rights Advocates) and Ayn Riggs (SlaveFreeChocolate_Org).

Episode 19.03 — Slavery_on_Trial.m4a
Click to listen to this episode.
Slavery on Trial
A room on Clubhouse has been scheduled for July 28th with Special Guests Terry Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates and Ayn Riggs of SlaveFreeChocolate_org.
There are plenty of background resources linked to in this post – good preparatory reading before the room.

Thursday – Intentional Chocolate y mas

with Special Guests Dr Christopher, Stacey Burgess, and Lyn Bishop.

Arguably (unfortunately?), what leaves many people skeptical about “intentional” chocolate is videos like these.
Intentional Chocolate | Busted Halo
Many of us grew up being nursed to health with grandma’s chicken noodle soup. But ever wonder why it’s not quite the same when we…
Walsh was a founder of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, a concern that was busted for, to put it tactfully, deceiving investors about the nature and extent of their operations.
What Is Ceremonial Cacao & What Makes It “Ceremonial”?
Explore the benefits behind the rising practice of cacao ceremonies
h/t DGH
What’s the Difference Between Ceremonial Cacao and Regular Cacao Powder?
Sourcing ethical cacao for ceremony and wellness.
This distinction between “cocoa” and “cacao” is one of my personal pet peeves. Who has a better one? Leave your ideas in the comments.
An Ethiopian coffee ceremony is not just about drinking coffee, but a ritual of daily life… — UK Coffee Week
Find out about an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and how it’s not just about drinking coffee, but a ritual of daily life…
h/t DGH

Friday – Maker Spotlight

with Special Guest Damion Badalamenti, startup chocolate maker and confectioner at Cacao Prieto and KahKow, both in Brooklyn, NY.

B A I X A S | Tienda online Pastelería Baixas
Baixas Barcelona. Pasteleria, chocolateria y servicio de catering. Desde 1958 tradición y vanguardismo en la elaboración de pasteleria, chocolateria , bomboneria artesanal.
Cacao Prieto
100% Organic | Kosher Pareve Certified Beans to Bar Chocolate & Liquor hand crafted and distilled in Red Hook, Brooklyn All Cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic
Kahkow USA
Kahkow USA
Parré Chocolat
We are makers of pure dark chocolate.Authentic, natural, distinctive.We value ethical and transparent trading in every step from the cocoa farm to you.
Temporarily Closed
Oriol Balaguer Shop
Oriol Balaguer
Closed for August
Home - Enric Rovira | Xocolates de Barcelona
Chocolates born in Barcelona We make chocolate tablets, chocolates, bombolas, turrones, Easter monas and exclusive and innovative products. And tailor made products for small celebrations or large events, small or large format. Chocolates of high quality, design and character from Barcelona since 19…

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