Updated: World Chocolate Day, News & AMA | #PodSaveChocolate Ep56

Updated: World Chocolate Day, News & AMA  | #PodSaveChocolate Ep56

Episode 56 of #PodSaveChocolate features a look at the history of World Chocolate Day (July 7) plus all the (chocolate) news that’s fit to eat for July AND the July AMA.

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Updated on 7/5 to include the links mentioned in the episode.
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World Chocolate Day, News & AMA | #PodSaveChocolate Ep56
Episode 56 OverviewWorld Chocolate Day, first observed in 2009, is an annual celebration of chocolate observed globally on July 7th. The date is thought to m…

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Episode 56 Overview

World Chocolate Day, first observed in 2009, is an annual celebration of chocolate observed globally on July 7th. The date is thought to mark the anniversary of chocolate's arrival in Europe (in 1550), though the exact historical accuracy of this date is uncertain.

World Chocolate Day should not be confused with International Chocolate Day (September 13th) which was created by the National Confectioners Association (USA).
TL; DR — World Chocolate Day appears to be a collective creation, born out of a global appreciation for chocolate, rather than the initiative of a single person or organization.
World Chocolate Day - Wikipedia
World Chocolate Day 2020 celebrated to mark introduction of food in Europe; all you need to know
chocolate has been consumed by humans for a very long time. Botanical evidence shows that the plant from which chocolate is made was first grown for food more than 5,000 years ago in the Amazon rainforest
History of chocolate - Wikipedia
World Chocolate Day is July 7: Top questions answered
World Chocolate Day, or just Chocolate Day, is Sunday, July 7, but really isn’t everyday Chocolate Day? Let’s look at the top five questions asked about chocolate if you might be curious too. Why do we have World Chocolate Day wasn’t one of the questions, but I wondered. Some suggest it might be the anniversary…
Five documentaries on the making of chocolate
Five documentaries on the making of chocolate

documentaries mentioned in the above post

Documentary. The Dark Side Of Chocolate
The Chocolate Industry. Child Trafficing & Slavery

Also from Miki – Shady Chocolate.

The Chocolate War
Terry Collingsworth has dedicated his life to the elimination of child slavery. If he wins the case against Nestlé and the children receive damages, it will…
Choco Pass Geneva
World Chocolate Day 2024 🍫
World Chocolate Day facts, popular hashtags, quotes + some ideas to help you create social media posts for this popular national day.

also in this episode – calendar entries

Chocolate Events + Holidays Calendar
A calendar of Chocolate Festivals, Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, and Food (& other) Holidays. This is a work in progress. Is there something missing? Scroll down for instructions on how to let us know so it can be added.
The Australian Chocolate Festival by bean-to-bar makers | Melbourne Chocolate Festival | 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC, Australia
Welcome to AustChocFest, Australia’s first chocolate festival celebrating the artistry of bean-to-bar makers. Join us on the 7th of July 2024 at the Abbotsford Convent for a day of indulgence featuring over 30 exhibitors from Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and Indonesia, chocolate tastings, and demonstrations. Chocolate lovers, discover new flavours, learn about the bean-to-bar sustainable practices, and indulge in the maker’s delicious creations!

The first edition of the Australian Bean-to-Bar/Melbourne Chocolate Festival is slated for World Chocolate Day weekend.

The World Chocolate Fair is bringing back the sweetness this July
The fifth S Maison x Auro World Chocolate Fair is free admission and will be held from July 3 to 7, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., at the Main Atrium of S Maison mall in Pasay City.
Dallas Chocolate Festival 2024 | Humanitix
Dallas Chocolate Festival 2024

also in this episode – the july news


Scientists discover new plant species that could lead to 'climate proof' chocolate (article).

Herrania - Wikipedia
Theobroma - Wikipedia
IDH study: THE GROUNDS FOR SHARING: A study of value distribution in the coffee industry. (PDF)
How manufacturers can survive the cocoa crisis
Soaring costs and a dwindling supply of cocoa mean innovation and creativity are essential for chocolatiers who hope to weather the supply storm
Can cultivated cocoa solve the chocolate crisis? ‘It’s like cultivating meat, but simpler’
With climate change threatening the future supply of cocoa, could cellular agriculture offer a solution? Israeli start-up Kokomodo thinks it can, and is emerging from stealth mode to prove it.
CBE and specialty fats and oils emerge as the sustainable choice for chocolate and confectionery
Cocoa butter equivalents (CBEs) are a growing market within speciality fats and oils in chocolate and confectionery. What are the new sustainable alternatives to cocoa butter?
The top 4 premium trends in confectionery in 2024
Luxury, artisanal and quality collections are drawing in shoppers with a love for elevated indulgence and premiumisation. Here’s what’s disrupting the market

also in this episode – foods to explore (?)

Vlogger’s Scrambled Egg Chocolate Pudding Recipe Has Internet Saying: ‘Can’t Handle This’ - News18
A viral video showcasing a recipe that uses scrambled eggs to create chocolate pudding has the internet in a frenzy.
Krispy Kreme Brings Back Rare Doughnut for World Chocolate Day
The Chocolate Glazed is coming back for two days only!
‘Adobo Chocolate’ among must-try food at Philippine celebration of World Chocolate Day
Who would have thought that bits of pamintang buo (peppercorns) and a hint of toyo (soy sauce), which are usual Adobo ingredients, would go well with milk chocolate?


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Future Episodes

Tuesday, July 9th – Interview with David Nilsen, Bean to Barstool Podcast, Part 2
Part 1 will take place over on Bean to Barstool and will take a look at pairing beer and chocolate from the perspective of beer. Part 2 will take a look at pairing chocolate and beer from the perspective of chocolate.

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