2022: The Year Ahead

2022: The Year Ahead

TheChocolateLife will be writing up the future – as it happens ... Looking ahead to what’s in store for TheChocolateLife in 2022 and beyond. (Infinity, maybe?)

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE

Beginning back in March of 2021, 143 rooms over the course of 29 weeks were hosted on TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse.

As many of you may know, I stopped producing and hosting those daily sessions in late October. For those who are not aware, the following post fills in the details.

The Clubhouse Affair
After 29 weeks I announced I was stopping the daily rooms to take a break to reset.

To take their place I started a weekly (Fridays) series about a month later of live stream interviews that can be watched on YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE Calendar
LIVE streaming interviews to YouTube, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn.
You will find the upcoming scheduled live streams as well as links to past streams here.
If you have accounts on any of these platforms and are logged in, you can comment during the live streams and we will respond to comments.

Beginning in February I will be adding a second weekly interview, on Tuesdays.

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