Collected Memes

Collected Memes

A collection of all of the chocolate-themed memes published on TheChocolateLife.

As I was reviewing posts during the process of exporting content from Maven to Ghost, I was reintroduced to a series of memes I created and posted on TCL as well as on Instagram ... as well as a meme or two I found while browsing the Interwebs.

If you have a chocolate-themed meme (or meme collection) that you’d like to add to this collection, email it to memes|@|thechocolatelife|.|com.



My OG Chocolate Memes

Chocolate Memes from Others ...

Mast Brothers Me Me meme
From 2015 or 2016 in the height of the controversy - Anonymous creator

Memes for 2021 ...

New memes created by Team TCL and contributed by members of TheChocolateLife community will be added in here.

Listing image credit:
Original image by DivvyPixel on Pixabay

Which meme is your favorite? Leave a comment to let us know!

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