Hi there! I am currently working on a research project about the technical (including chemical)…

Hi there!
I am currently working on a research project about the technical (including chemical) analysis of B2B chocolate production for a class final.

The technical aspects were very easy to cover and the social portion fell together nicely. The last thing I have to create is an economic analysis. Finding machinery used in factory B2B production was not difficult, but I need to look at revenue and costs in a monthly arrangement.

Finding info for the capital, overhead, and the actual scale of ordered materials is something I struggle to find. If anybody has a spreadsheet they would be willing to share or would like to answer some questions, I would be very appreciative.

Thank you,

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@Kilian_II — here is the link for you. It should be pretty self-explanatory. I use this as a tool in my consulting projects and customize this base template.


@DiscoverChoc If you could provide a link for that I would be most appreciative. Once I put that into the presentation I would be more than glad to show you the final project as I’m sure your expertise would be very helpful. Thank you so much!

@Kilian_II – I have a production costing workbook template I produced for the classes I give. I can upload it to my google drive and provide a link to it if that would help.

This workbook is one part of a larger exercise that is akin to cash-flow projections for a business plan, which is something I don’t have a template for as it’s customized for each business I work with. There are so many ways to approach production that it’s hard to do more than generalize. I know of people with $20k to spend and 500sf work in to people who’ve invested may multiples of this amount in equipment and space.

If you want to ask specific questions here, I am sure there are members who would be willing to help answer them for you.

Personally, I’d like to see your technical/chemical analysis once you’ve submitted your project for your class. Or even before, as there may be some things we can point to.

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