Hi there! I have run into what I suspect is a large fat bloom situation due to temperature…

Hi there!
I have run into what I suspect is a large fat bloom situation due to temperature fluctuations in my production room. I’m toying with two possible solutions:
A) re-melt my chocolate compound and attempt production round #2;
B) airbrush the chocolate with colored chocolate paint to mask any discoloration. (I didn’t detect any discernible changes in flavor, and surprisingly not much of a difference in texture from more successful product)

Here are my questions:

  1. I usually wrap my chocolates in foil—will the airbrushed paint come off of the chocolate and onto the foil?
  2. Is there a particular color you’d suggest to visually conceal the fat bloom on dark chocolate?
  3. Are there any other ways to save this batch?

Thank you!!!

Archived Comments

No I’m not tempering. Using a Hilliards machine—30lbs per batch. Using ASM chocolate pennies and 2lbs cocoa butter…I think I used too much cocoa butter (7%)….can this be saved?

Thanks for the response!!! Pardon me, it’s a dark chocolate coating (no cocoa butter) and they are bars (not filled). I’m adding cocoa butter to that. I believe perhaps my error was in not tempering the mixture due to the added cocoa butter. Now I’m left with many lbs of bloomed chocolate that tastes good but looks awful and I’m trying to think of ways to save it…

@clouDnine – are these filled chocolates? Or solid?

In general, you can remelt if the product is solid – but I am really surprised if you are experiencing bloom with compound. You are not tempering?

Amy surface decoration is likely to be marred if wrapped in foil. Any surface decoration is likely to more vulnerable to coming off with bloom on the surface of the piece.

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