I am trying to identify this roaster featured on this post. Can anyone assist ?? …

I am trying to identify this roaster featured on this post. Can anyone assist ??

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Well finally !! It seems to be an ‘Infra-Red’ roaster. Most Probably, a Bauer 322 dry roaster. I was initially intrigued by the ‘red glow’, from the drum, the infra-red hear source would explain it. Thanks everyone for your comments. If anyone is interested , there are videos on you-tube.

Ben narrowed it down to the Shattel company in Peru. I’ve messaged them asking for details. Promise to share once I get a response.

Seems its in the Shattel factory in Peru. If you do have pictures, please share. Thanks !!

I did a Google search for this image and that returned no results. I am guessing Peru based on the Delani label on the cracker/winnower.

I do believe i’ve been to that exact spot many times. Perhaps i’ve got an old photo that shows the label on it. Funny the things one runs across on the internet 😎

I saw it on a post from Martin Christy. He visited a chocolate maker who owns. He has not responded to my questions. Well, as yet. I am intrigued by the simplicity. It resembles a gas fired ball roaster, but I can’t recognise anything else.

What an interesting design! I’ve never seen one like this before. Did you take this photo? Where is it?

It seems very weird to have the roasting chamber be open to the front. How does the drum rotate?

This could be a custom build. It kind of reminded me of some roasters I’ve seen on Alibaba, but I just looked and didn’t this one.

Is there any other info you know about it that you can share?

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