Introducing A New International Correspondent

Introducing A New International Correspondent

Helen López Vásquez joins TheChocolateLife as an official Spanish/English bilingual international contributor.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, and now based in Madrid, Helen López Vásquez has been offering in-person and virtual chocolate tastings courses weekly for nearly a decade. She is a journalist specializing in chocolate appreciation and is dedicated to promoting the consumption of high-quality chocolate. Helen is also the Technical Director of CHOCOMAD, the Salón Internacional del Chocolate de Madrid/Madrid International Chocolate Show.

Cata de chocolates en Madrid | Regalo Original | Helen Chocolate
Cata de chocolates en Madrid. Regalo Original. Tarjeta Regalo. Precio 35 euros. Catas de Chocolates para empresas. Online y presenciales.
ChocoMad 2020. Salón Internacional del chocolate de Madrid
En a vicir el Salón Internacional del Chocolate de Madrid: CHOCOMAD 13, 14 y 15 de noviembre. Cientos de talleres infantiles y adultos te esperan.
Note: the video is in Spanish, only.

Helen’s Contribution(s)

Helen Chocolate para TCL: Entrevista a Pedro Araujo
Una colaboración bilingüe.

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