looking to buy a guitar. please leave message.

looking to buy a guitar. please leave message.

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reply toHey, thanks. I appreciate your time. Yes we all get busy. I know that as well as anyone. I”ll investigate security and hopefully, all will be well.

reply toGregg joined TheChocolateLife the same day he posted the guitar for sale.

There’s nothing about the information Gregg provided that does not appear to be on the up and up. As for why he’s not responding in a timely fashion I cannot know. My default assumption is that people just get busy. It’s when they are too anxious that I start to ask questions.

This is a private sale. TCL is providing only a notification service and not a verification service so it cannot assume any responsibility for the behavior of either party in the transaction.

If you are worried, see about using PayPal and explore whether the buyer’s insurance they offer covers this transaction. That way you have some recourse if things do not work out. Also, pay extra for insurance in shipping and ask for photos of the equipment before the box is closed so there is a record to protect you both.

reply toSorry, yes, the man that had the guitar is Gregg Streibig. He has a guitar that is perfect.

Who is the “he” you are referring to?

Clay, I’m finally paying for my guitar.. He’s put me off several times.. is the payment safe you think?

Sorry. I think I do too many things at once! I am looking for a 15X15 (or close) inch guitar. Used is fine as long as it is in good shape. I would be fine with one frame for cutting but happier with the double frame. My typical size cut is around 22mm. Would also be interested in other sized frames. Thanks!


Budget? New, used? Size of base? One arm or two? Sizes you want to cut?

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