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In the migration process, the URLs of some stories got changed and there was no easy fix. Here are some we know of.

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OLD URL :: /stories/pairing-chocolate-and-cheese-and-wine-and-beer-nx6_r-lPO0W_2zsQHDHSNg/

Pairing Chocolate and Cheese - and Wine and Beer
Chocolate and cheese can go very well together. However, I find the approachthat many people use create pairings to be too self–limiting. There is thereceived wisdom (akin to red wine goes with meat and white wine goes with fish).And then there is my approach, which says that it’s not enough to t…

OLD URL :: /stories/huffpo-what-s-fancy-chocolate-made-of-that-makes-it-so-expensive-qFP9ZwltKUaBzdBbu8OgyQ

HuffPo: What’s Fancy Chocolate Made Of That Makes It So Expensive?
From this[] article in Huffington Post. They get most of it spot on. You can walk into any old drugstore and buy a Hershey’s chocolate bar for around a dollar[…

OLD URL :: /classifieds/640-acre-potential-cacao-farm-for-sale-T0T1ShsoAEuRLiyZU02icg

SOLD: 640-acre Farm
Located in the Toledo District in southern Belize this one square mile (640acres) of fertile farm land and pristine tropical rainforest is located lessthan 3.5 miles from the Southern Highway along an all-weather road. This property features 200 acres of mature Valencia Orange Trees, 200 acres of…

OLD URL :: com/stories/nahua-chocolate-costa-rica-2016-sustainability-report-fyfgo7yuf0ezxwulxommwg/

Nahua Chocolate (Costa Rica) 2016 Sustainability Report
The report highlights Nahua Chocolate’s work alongside smallholder farmingcommunities to improve livelihoods, spread sustainable farming practices, andproduce premium fine flavor cacao and chocolates. In 2016 Nahua became a certified B Corporation and continued to build upon itscacao renovation …

OLD URL :: /stories/we-are-delighted-to-share-the-sixth-episode-of-our-makers-series-ms-6-cacao-hunters-with-RjL32YYxF0enQmDfLmASww/

Makers Series, Episode 6: Cacao Hunters
We are delighted to share the sixth episode of our Makers Series, MS 6: “CacaoHunters” with co-founder Carlos Velasco. Please listen[], share,and join us as we taste the Arhuacos (72%) bar: You can use the code “slowmelt” fo…






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