October Member Newsletter

October Member Newsletter

All #TheChocolateLife updates that are fit to eat for October 2023.

Welcome & Thank You To All New ChocolateLife Members!

Since its founding in 2008, TheChocolateLife has counted members in over 160 countries!

In the month of September there were new member signups from five countries: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Portugal, and South Africa ... in addition to North America. Not a member? What’s keeping you?

Last Days to Order Tasting Kits for the
2023 Craft Chocolat Challenge Winners Tasting!

This tasting event features all of the 2023 Craft Chocolat Challenge winners and is scheduled for Sunday, November 12th at a time TBD.

The last day to order tasting kits is October 15th.

ChocolateLife members will find a link below this public preview that can be used to get the $25-off member discount. The final day to purchase tasting kits is October 15th!

Not a member? Join today to save $25!

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