Looking for a very good cacao source in W. Africa that promotes sustainability & practices fair trade, & the prosperity of cocoa farmers. Please message me if you have any suggestions or knowledge of such. Thanks:)

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Do you care where this is manufactured? Do you need it to be produced in W Africa or just use W African beans? And again, pricing based on “Fair” trade pricing structure?

Also – are you in the US or Europe or elsewhere?

Hi. We are looking for a low MOQ to start… maybe 2500-5000 LBS of roasted nibs or liquor for this specific project in mind. Annually will increase to 20,000 LBS or more. Again initial purchase with a lower MOQ. Ghana and IC are generally lower cost which is what we are looking for in re to this project…price sensitive. Of course we will consider other origin’s if comparable in price to those mentioned. Flavor profile is important, but price the driving force is cost on this p project in particular.
Thanks for responding.

What kinds of quantities are you looking for? This will help focus the search. The candidates are very different for one pallet or less or one container or more.

W Africa is Ghana and Ivory Coast only or are there other countries you’ll consider?

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