TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Dallas Chocolate 2022 Festival Preview

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Dallas Chocolate 2022 Festival Preview

Live stream with my special guest, festival founder/organizer Sander Wolf, begins at 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, August 16th.

Founded in June 2009, is dedicated to promoting local chocolate artisans and continually educating chocolate lovers about the dynamic, innovative, and delicious world of artisan chocolate.

Founder Sander Wolf wanted to educate budding foodies about the complex processes and hand-crafted skill that result in a refined chocolate experience. In addition to members sharing local and global chocolate news (and sampling whenever they can), hosts its signature event, The Dallas Chocolate Festival, every autumn.

What started in 2009 as a simple event featuring two bean-to-bar chocolate makers has grown into one of the “must do” events for Dallas foodies and chocolate fans around the country.

Personal small world connection: I was a speaker at the first and second editions of the Dallas Chocolate Festival, returning for the 2019 event.
Dallas Chocolate Festival Vol 10 Trip Report
PrologI was a guest speaker at Volumes One and Two of the Dallas Chocolate Festivalback in the day and in the intervening seven years I was not able to attendbecause of conflicts with other shows (IBIE, PackExpo in Las Vegas) and events(Pig Island in NYC). This
My post after visiting the 2019 festival.

Featuring chocolates from industry innovators the world over, the event now features dozens of chocolatiers and chocolate makers, demonstrations, workshops, and more.

2022 Festival Schedule

Location: Fashion Industry Gallery on Ross Avenue in downtown Dallas.

  • Friday, Sept 9 – Dallas Chocolate Conference (10am – 4pm)
  • Friday, Sept 9 – VIP Night (7-10pm)
  • Saturday, Sept 10 – The Main Event (10am – 5pm)
  • Sunday, Sept 11 – Experiences (10am – 5pm)

2022 Festival Tickets

Dallas Chocolate Festival | Humanitix
The Dallas Chocolate Festival 2022 - The Magic of Chocolate
Readers can use the code DCFChocolateLife to save $5 of ticket purchases.

Watch/Participate on YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Click to participate live on YouTube – or watch the archived version.

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Have thoughts to share or questions to ask? Planning to attend? Have some favorite memories of past festivals?

Leave them in the comments.

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