TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 29

TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 29

Room Topics for the Week of Oct 11~Oct 15. Episodes 29.01~29.05 (139~143).

My co-host this week is David Greenwood-Haigh, a Chef/chocolatier with more than 40 years of experience. David is fellow IOH MasterChef craft guild of chefs; judge, export champion; Academy of Chocolate, International Chocolate Awards.

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Monday, Oct 11 – Episode 29.01
P is for Photography

With co-host David Greenwood-Haigh.

To filter or not to filter?

Before I got into chocolate, I had a successful career in high-tech: computer graphics, interactive multimedia, high definition video production, and Internet development. But before that, my career interest was photography. How do I use photography today? Are there similar creative challenges? What do I take from my art school education? What does everyone think about the Instagram promo images?

The audio for today is horribly mangled – not technically but continuity-wise because I was bounced from the room in the middle of the hour. I will work on it and I hope to get something usable. I will post when I can.
Nigeria Photoblog
My first-ever trip to Africa was to Nigeria. I went to install and train on chocolate equipment in a factory in Ikom, about 25kg from the Cameroon border in the state of Cross River.
The Making of an Image
This post has been tagged #captains-log (Star Trek, natch), which I created as a catch-all for stories that don’t fit into the main tag structure. A diary, of sorts, of more personal reflections and thoughts on process.
Editing Photos for Maximum Impact
The right image, edited for impact, makes a difference.
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David Greenwood-Haigh’s Pixabay account.

Trevor Cole’s portfolio (on SmugMug) h/t DGH.

IG image: Original by Clay Gordon, taken while relaxing in the bed of a pickup on the road in Nicaragua during one of the Academia del Cacao sessions I helped organize.

Tuesday, Oct 12 – Episode 29.02
P is for Pollinators

With co-host David Greenwood-Haigh.

On Growing Cacao and the Importance of Bugs | Institute of Culinary Education
Growing cacao beans for chocolate requires intensive effort to overcome a number of pressures that affect the crop. In addition to human labor, there are other unsung heroes at work at cacao farms all over the world, and you might be surprised to discover who they are.
Global chocolate supply could be wiped out as pollinating insects are killed off
Coffee, strawberries and apples also at risk as climate change, habitat loss and pesticides kill off vital bugs
Cargill partners with AeroFarms to increase cocoa bean yields, improve farming practices
The multiyear pact will allow the companies to test different indoor growing technologies, such as aeroponics and hydroponics, light, irrigation and nutrition, to identify optimal growing conditions.
Is it possible to accommodate pollinators in indoor farming efforts?

IG image: Original by Clay Gordon on a farm near La Dalia, Nicaragua.

Wednesday, Oct 13 – Episode 29.03
E is for Economics (of Craft Chocolate)

With co-hosts David Greenwood-Haigh and Konstantin Zsigo.

The Business of Artisan Chocolate • A podcast on Anchor
So you’re an artisan chocolatier...the ultimate dream job. You hand-craft amazing, colorful, spectacular truffles, bon bons & confections with organic, fair-trade chocolate and the highest quality ingredients. But can you actually make any money doing it? This podcast, by chocolatier Konstantin…
Konstantin J. Zsigo, Chocolatier
Video home of artisan chocolatier, Konstantin J. Zsigo. Some videos are for customers that purchase my chocolates through my online storefront. Other videos are for local customers of our shop, which is the Park Lake Creamery. Finally, some videos are for Professionals, other chocolatiers from ar…

Link to the folder containing the TCL Costing Worksheet. Please do not edit the online copy of this file – download before viewing/using.

IG image: Original by Heeren Darji on Unsplash

Thursday, Oct 14 – Episode 29.04
B is for Ball Mills

With co-hosts David Greenwood-Haigh and Christian Tyler plus special guests.

PACKINT - Chocolate Machines
Chocolate Machines
Lorenzo Datei was in the room
Oflaz Mechanics - Oflaz Mechanics
Oflaz Mechanics’ Presentation Video
Ramazan Oflaz was in the room.
FBM Boscolo - Italian Machines for Chocolate and Cookies
[FBM Boscolo] Machines for the processing of Chocolate and Cookies, Bean to Bar
Umberto Boscolo was in the room

Other companies with ball mills (and other equipment) to research:

CocoTerra - Experience the magic of making chocolate
CocoTerra has developed the world’s first personal chocolate maker - we bring the magic of making chocolate home to you.
Nate Saal was in the room.
Home - IdeoTecnica
Equipments and complete installationsfor pastry and chocolate industry Read more Equipments and complete installationsfor pastry and chocolate industry Read more Equipments and complete installationsfor pastry and chocolate industry Read more Machines Ideo Tecnica designs and manufactures machines a…
Interested in any of this equipment? Let me know and I can connect you.
Small Scale Cocoa Processing – Cocoa processing technology
Interested in any of this equipment? Let me know and I can connect you.

IG image: Original by Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig from Pixabay

Friday, Oct 15 – Episode 29.05
Thank Chocolate, It’s Friday!

Friday‘s Room topic created by co-host David Greenwood-Haigh. The week’s rooms in review, stuff found in our news feeds, and ideas for future room topics.

TCLonCH Member Event

Cacao Ceremony
Have you heard the term ‘cacao ceremony’ and wondered what it’s all about? What is the purpose of the ceremony?As makers, producers and manufactures we are working with chocolate but do we really give ourselves the opportunity to connect with the spirit of cacao and the medicine it brings to our hea…
co-hosted by Lyn Bishop, Art Farm Panama/Quetzal Cacao.


Frankford Candy registers BOMB trademark
Frankford Candy has been granted registration of its trademark BOMB® in the hot chocolate beverage and candy categories from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Is A Potential ‘COPEC’ Up To The Task Of Protecting Cocoa Farmers?
In this article, I will assume ‘COPEC’ as the working name for an organisation of cocoa-producing countries.
Given my recent experience in Nigeria, I think the formation of a price-fixing cartel managed in producing countries is a bad idea for everyone – especially farmers.
Upcycled Food Association, Foundation, and Certification
Growing the Upcycled Food Economy by building a food system where all food reaches its highest and best use.
BC Cabosse Naturals is now “Upcycled Certified.” How do we feel about still yet another certification logo?

IG image: Original by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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Featured image: Original by Elena de Soto on Unsplash.
All images post-processed by Clay Gordon using Luminar AI and a Photoshop Elements.

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