TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Communicating Sustainability, for Craft Chocolate Makers

TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Communicating Sustainability, for Craft Chocolate Makers

Episode 86 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams live on Tuesday, January 31st from 12:00~13:00 EST. Participate on YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn – links below.

This is a topic that has been interesting to me from very early on in my ChocolateLife. Beginning in the very earliest days of the COVID pandemic in 2020 I have been working with colleagues on the design and implementation of a cocoa supply chain software platform called Co«»ected.

I participated on a panel during the completely virtual Chocoa 2021 on this exact topic and continued reporting on it for my first article for International Confectionery in the June/July 2021 issue.

In this livestream I will break down what I see to be the major issues craft chocolate makers need to address:

  • What is sustainability?
  • What does sustainability mean – from the perspective of the maker?
  • What do their customers think about sustainability?
  • What is transparency?
  • What is traceability?


What Does Sustainability Mean?
What does it mean to be sustainable? The simplest way, I have found, to talk about the concept is to invoke thefuture. When I talk about sustainable cocoa I talk about three things. Environmental Sustainability. By this I mean that the cocoa trees and theirsupporting and dependent ecosystems
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – ESG & Sustainability Reporting
Friday, December 31st starting at 12 noon EST.
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Connecting Ethics, Sustainability, & Transparency to IMPACT
Episode 42 (as everyone knows, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything) streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY on Friday, May 20th from 12:00 EDT.

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