TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Connecting Ethics, Sustainability, & Transparency to IMPACT

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Connecting Ethics, Sustainability, & Transparency to IMPACT

Episode 42 (as everyone knows, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything) streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY on Friday, May 20th from 12:00 EDT.

No matter what you call them – transparency reports, sustainability reports, annual reports, “Fair” reports, or sourcing reports ... there is, as often as not, a disconnect – often a yawning gap – between the narrative told in the report, the numbers in the report, and perceptions of those reports.

how do you define impact?

In this episode I will start out by providing definitions for how I think about and use the key terms. From there I will weave connecting threads between the different concepts and how they are not only not synonymous they can mean entirely different things, depending on who uses them and the story/ies they want to tell.

Finally, I will make the connection that, in the end, what matters most is impact and all the rest is window dressing.

I made an allegation about one of the founder’s of Tony’s receiving a $30 million payout as I was talking about the fairness of the Living Income Reference Price. I realized as I was saying it that my memory may be of an anecdotal report. This was an unscripted comment, may be incorrect, and was not made with deliberate intent. I am searching for reporting/documentation of that transaction but have not found it yet, and I may be incorrect. I will update this if/when I find something (or don’t).

Background / Homework

If you have the time, I recommend watching the Top 5 post as well as the first two parts of this series, taking a look at the resources linked to in those posts.

Updated: Top 5 Ways People (try to) Defend Slavery in Cocoa
Are apologetics defensible when it comes to “defending” slavery?
While technically not a part of this series, in this post I take a look at some of the verbal tactics apologists use to “justify” their positions when it comes to “the worst forms of child labor,” what most reasonable people would call slavery. Keeping these in mind as you read the linked reports is a worthwhile exercise (or poisoning the well depending on you position).
UPDATED: TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Deconstructing “Transparency” Reports
Episode 39 streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY from 12:00 EDT on Friday, May 6th.
Part 1 in this series
UPDATED – TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Constructing Transparent Transparency Reports
Episode 39 streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY starting at 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, May 10th.
Part 2 in this series

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