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Pretty damning article — also probably very true. The whole “artisan/craft/local” movement in food could also be seen as a bit elitist, if you think about it. Let’s face it, if it’s “artisan” it implies it’s just not run-of-the-mill. That makes it rare. Stuff that’s “rare” or found in limited amounts, is also likely to be expensive, making it out of the reach of most people. Do I feel lucky that I can afford good chocolate? YES. It’s also where I choose to spend some of my discretionary income, but I do realize it’s not available to everyone. The problem I have with the artisan movement is the elitist factor. I like good chocolate and will pay for it. I don’t like it when people imply that — whatever the food or product (cars, homes, technology, etc.), having it “makes me more sophisticated/high-brow/elite than you”. Ick. I’m not “to the manner born” and have been able to put the major struggles behind me, but I find the elitism annoying. Note to anyone marketing stuff (not necessarily chocolate products either): be careful not to do “negative marketing”. Speaking only for myself, it’s a turn-off.


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