Italian co buys royal's favorite truffles and _stops_ palace delivery?…

Italian co buys royal’s favorite truffles and stops palace delivery?

The Queen of England’s favorite chocolatier will be taken over by Italy’s Illy brand and apparently will stop supplying its famous truffles to Buckingham Palace.

[ Whyeverso would Illy stop supplying the Queen? Makes zero sense. ] The article goes on:

Prestat, the first chocolate maker which [sic] invented truffles, will end its long-standing relationship supplying chocolate to the royal palace. The change comes after Illy Group purchased the company on 15 March, with hopes to expand premium brands and grow its business abroad. Now, Illy will enlist the help of Domori – also owned by Illy . The Queen – who is known to be a big fan of chocolate – may no longer be able to feast on truffles delivered right to her doorstep.

#FirstWorldProblems – the Queen can, of course, detail a member of her household staff to go to a shop. The article does say the Queen is a fan of dark chocolate – not milk or white.

Read the full story here:

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