TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 17

TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 17

Featured Topics for the Week of July 12th. Episodes 17.01~17.05 (79-83).

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Monday – Origins: Brazil

Featured Guests: Arcelia Gallardo/Mission Chocolate & Rogerio Kamei/Mestiço Chocolates.

Dois Rios and a Chocolate Bar
Does storytelling impact the desire or curiosity to taste a bar? Oh, yeah!
The Resurgence of Brazilian Cacao and Chocolate
English + Español + PortuguêsOctober 2017. After an 11-hour flight from Brazil, I arrive at Heathrow Airport, London. The border officer—whom I can only describe as tall, strong and serious–carefully checks my passport and asks me the purpose of my visit: Business or pleasure? I thought for...
h/t David Greenwood-Haigh for this resource

Tuesday – Judges Speak:
Tips/Tricks to Entering Chocolate Awards

Featured topic suggested by Christian Tyler

AVPA Chocolate Awards Main Page
2021 Entry Rules (PDF)
2021 Results (PDF)

NW Chocolate Festival/Chocolate Alliance 2021 Awards Guidelines (PDF)

How to Enter – Academy of Chocolate
Enter the International Chocolate Awards - International Chocolate Awards
Thoughts on the 2018 International Chocolate Awards European Bean-To-Bar Awards
One of the challenges with analyzing the list of winners is that it’s not published in a form that lends itself to analysis.
2018 International Chocolate Awards - Americas Finalists Announced
I’ve downloaded the data from the awards page and after cleaning it up, did some analysis. Here are some initial top-line stats. Total number of entries Approximately 800. There is a very close correlation between the number of Winners and the number of Grand Jury Finalists – most
More Awards Analysis — From Grand Jury Finalist to Award-Winner
I have posted a number of stories already analyzing various 2018 International Chocolate Awards (ICA) competitions. > The goal of this analysis to provide a better understanding of which companies and which origins are winning awards, and to discover commonalities and differences between competitio…

Wednesday – Cocoa Butter: Deep Dive

Featured topic suggested by Rosemary Daly

Episode 17.03 – CocoaButterDeepDive.m4a
Click to listen to the room.

The Crystal Morphology of Cocoa Butter (PDF) Citation; Manning, D. M. and Dimick, P. S. (1985) "Crystal Morphology of Cocoa Butter," Food Structure: Vol. 4 : No. 2 , Article 9.

Cocoa butter - Wikipedia
Here’s How Cocoa Butter Is Made, Step By Step - Foodiosity
Are you in love with chocolate ? Then you might just be in love with cocoa butter as well ! Yes, one of the most amazing sweets on this earth lends half its flavor to cocoa butter. It’s the butter that makes chocolate so melty and creamy and oh so delicious. But the process of […]
This is an example of an article filled with bad information about the process of making cocoa butter. Please share your thoughts in the comments.
h/t David Greenwood-Haigh

Related Analogy

A chocolate maker that does not know the fat content of their beans is like the baker who does not know the protein content of their flour. It’s an essential technical aspect of the ingredient and not knowing precisely what it is puts them at a disadvantage, and can lead to – charitably - less-than-optimal results.
— Clay Gordon

Thursday – Chocolate in NYC 1900-1930:
Birth of an Industry

Michael Laiskonis - The Chocolate Life
Pastry Chef, Consultant, EducatorThe Chocolate Lab at the Institute of Culinary Education NYCJames Beard Foundation ‘Outstanding Pastry Chef’ 2007IACP ‘Culinary Professional of the Year’ 2014
Featured Guest
Birth of an Industry: Chocolate in New York City, 1900-1930
The global chocolate boom of the late 1800s reached its peak by 1915. In its wake a new type of industry was born, amid a race to compete at an ever-growing scale.
Michael’s post on this week’s topic – recommended reading before the room starts!

Happening in Belgium during this period is the invention of the modern chocolate bonbon.

Inventor of the chocolate bonbon
Discover amazing places in Belgium. Travel tips for Belgium. What to do in Belgium.

Friday – A Lighter Side of Chocolate: Music

Featured topic suggested by club co-admin David Greenwood-Haigh. In addition to tunes we’ll be exploring the ideas of intentional chocolate, vibrational chocolate, and the influence of music on taste perception.

Today’s Musical/Lyrical Challenges

Rewrite the lyrics to the following songs and share them to clubhouse|@|

  • Elton John’s Rocket Man to Chocolate Man
  • Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter to Gimme Chocolate
  • Isaac Hayes’/South Park Chocolate Salty Balls to PG lyrics

Spotify Playlists

David Greenwood-Haigh
Rosemary Daly

My YouTube Playlist

A Lighter Side of Chocolate: MUSIC
This playlist grew out of an idea presented by David Greenwood-Haigh in a Clubhouse room when I asked for ideas for Featured Topics. This Playlist represents...

Have a suggestion for a tune to add to the YouTube playlist?

  • Email clubhouse|@|* or add it in the comments.
  • H/T Jorge Zaldivar (Mamey Disco on Softer Satin on Mixcloud) for his truly excellent recommendations. Mamey shared, “I've been looking to the origin of the saying ‘Toma chocolate paga lo que debes’. It’s a silly story. A café patron would order chocolate and leave without paying. Thus they ordered him to ‘Drink his chocolate and pay.’ The etymology now has become Drink your chocolate and pay ... Thus enjoy life and be good!”
Can music influence the taste of food? – Music Psychology
Click to read the story.
How music can affect your sense of taste
Why your senses of smell and hearing, not just taste, play a major role in how you experience and enjoy food.
Click to read the story.

The Spiritual Life of Water (h/t Dr Christopher) buy on Amazon and support TCL.

The Secret Life of Plants (h/t Dr Christopher) buy on Amazon and support TCL.

Selfica (Aetherforce) within the Damanhur community (h/t Dr Christopher)

Galen Hieronymous (h/t Dr Christopher)

Goethean observation vs Newtonian observation vs phenomenology (h/t Dr Christopher)

Can Classical Music Change The Taste Of Cocoa? – Choc Affair
Can classical music have an effect on the flavour profile of cocoa beans? It’s an interesting question which Luker Chocolate (our chocolate supplier) is currently researching in Columbia.
Click to read the story.

528 Hz repair DNA-it is part of the 6 tones of the ancient Solfeggio Scale.
Dr. Robert Girard (h/t DGH)

Frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase "MI-ra gestorum" in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the genetic blueprint upon which life is based.

What We’re Working on For Future Rooms

  • Thursday, July 22– Chocolate in NYC, Decline and Rebirth: 1930-2000s, the final episode in our series on the history of chocolate in NYC by Michael Laiskonis, will tally the casualties of the mid-century conquest of “big chocolate” and bring us full circle from the small-scale makers of the 18th and 19th centuries to the artisan craft chocolate scene that is redefining our relationship with chocolate today.
  • Friday, July 23 – Intentional Chocolate w/ Dr Christopher (h/t Stacey Burgess)
  • Day TBD – Slavery on Trial. A look at the meaning and implication of the SCOTUS decision, the pending case in the DC Circuit Court, and the CBP suit with special guests.
  • Day TBD – The Flavors of Venezuela w/ Claudia Franceschi (h/t Christian Tyler)
  • Day TBD – Cocoa Agroforestry Library w/ Dr Christopher
  • Day TBD – A Lighter Side: Chocolate in Movies, Musicals, Comics. From Willie Wonka to Chocolat to Spiderman villains and beyond.
  • Day TBD – Cottage Food Laws (h/t Thomas Forbes)

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TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse Resources - Google Drive
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