TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Heinde & Verre

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Heinde & Verre

Note the earlier start time! Episode 34 streams live from 10:00 EDT (16:00 CET) on Tuesday, April 19th.

What can I say about Heinde & Verre – the name translates from Dutch as “Near and Far” – that I haven’t already said?

Tune in and find out.

I met H&V one Amsterdam February during Chocoa. (Spoiler Alert: I will leave the details for the live stream.) I was hooked after listening to co-founder Ewald Rietberg talk about their approach, even as I was tasting their work. After visits to Finland, France, and Belgium just as the pandemic was breaking out I made it a point to stop in Rotterdam to visit their workshop on my way to Schipol to fly back to New York just as global travel restrictions were being imposed.

A year later I was looking for some special chocolate for my 20th Anniversary Celebration, and H&V was one of two makers I approached (the other being Mackenzie Rivers of Map Chocolate, a recent guest on TheChocolateLife :: LIVE, card below).

Without being too obvious a fanboy (though it should be obvious I am), H&V is one of my favorite specialty chocolate makers because they eschew the conventional wisdom of how “craft” chocolate “should” be made. Tune in and learn why.

HOME - Heinde & Verre
N A T U R A L R I C H C H O C O L A T E The natural flavours of high quality cacao are complex and rich. You will be thrilled to discover that chocolate is only one of the many flavours cacao may reveal. Heinde & Verre’s philosophy is to source only the best cacao beans and use slow food tec…
Click to visit their website.
Heinde & Verre: Chocolate Near and Far
Anybody who has ever taken one of my chocolate-making classes has heard me say, over and over and over “Blending is your friend.”  One of the points of disagreement I have with many small-batch specialty chocolate makers – at least of the hundreds I have spoken with since 1997
My original post on H&V.
AMA: Ask Me Anything (About Cocoa or Chocolate) #9: Roasting Cocoa
The Question Ethan Swift of Island Sharks Chocolate, Hawai’i, asked, “Roasting criollo requires lower temperatures (than other cacaos) and same time right?” Like many things in cocoa and chocolate, I wish it were that simple.  In this case I think this is not actually the right question
A post on roasting that provides some context.
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Mackenzie Rivers / Map Chocolate & The Next Batch School
Episode 24 streaming worldwide live on Tuesday March 15th from 12:00 EDT – Daylight time here in the US.

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