Clubhouse Podcasts - New Uploads Through Oct 8

Clubhouse Podcasts - New Uploads Through Oct 8

All the audio files fit to listen to.


All of the linked files are ©Clay Gordon/TheChocolateLife and are for personal use/playback only. They can be listened to in a browser and/or downloaded to a local device for offline listening. For any other use, contact Clay Gordon via email at clubhouse[@]thechocolatelife[.]com.

Note: For most rooms/episodes the podcast files are raw/barely edited. This is being done to facilitate getting them uploaded. Some episodes are more highly edited.

When you click on a podcast link a new browser tab will open, the file will be downloaded to your browser, and a player will appear. There should be a download link.

Week 28 :: Week of October 4

TCLonCH EP28-01 Alcoholic Beverages Cocoa and Chocolate.mp3
Monday’s room.
TCLonCH EP28.02 The Importance of Flavor.mp3
Tuesday’s room.
TCLonCH EP28-03 Is Bean-to-Bar Obsolete.mp3
Wednesday’s room.
TCLonCH EP28-04 P is for Praline.mp3
Thursday’s room, including the discussion before formally opening up.
TCLonCH EP28-05 Thank Chocolate It’s Friday.mp3

Week 27 :: Week of September 27

TCLonCH EP27-04 The Cooperative of the Future.mp3
Thursday’s room suggested by Nick Davis of One One Cacao in Jamaica.
TCLonCH EP27-05 Thank Chocolate It’s Friday.mp3
Friday’s room.

Week 26 :: Week of September 20

Chocolate and Spice Make ... 
Our regular Friday Featured Topic

Week 24 :: Week of August 30

Designing a Chocolate Factory, Part 2: Questions you should be asking yourself – and questions you should be prepared to answer when your consultant asks you them.

Week 22 :: Week of August 16

What are some of the biggest challenges we face working in chocolate – creative, technical, business, personal ... and?
With Special Guest Sarah Routman. To borrow a phrase, “Laughter is the Spice of Chocolate.” Humor. Puns. ’Tude.

Week 21 :: Week of August 9

Episode 21-05 – YoureLucky_HesLucky_ImLucky_WereALLLucky_2021_08_13.mp3
You’re Lucky, He’s Lucky, I’m Lucky, We’re ALL Lucky! - Spoken (shouted?) by Magenta in the iconic 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Week 19 :: Week of July 26

Episode 19.03 — Slavery_on_Trial.m4a
With special guests Ayn Riggs of SlaveFreeChocolate_org and Terry Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates.

Week 18 :: Week of July 19

Episode 18.04 — Chocolate_in_NYC_1930-2000s_Decline_&_Rebirth.m4a
With special guest Michael Laiskonis.

Week 17 :: Week of July 12

Episode 17.03 – CocoaButterDeepDive.m4a
Room topic proposed by Rosemary Daly.
Episode 17.04 — Chocolate_in_NYC_1900-1930_Birth_of_an_Industry.m4a
With special guest Michael Laiskonis.

Week 16 :: Week of July 05

Episode 16.04 — Chocolate_in_NYC_1850-1900_A_Golden_Age.m4a
With special guest Michael Laiskonis.

Week 15 :: Week of June 28

Episode 15.04 — Chocolate_in_NYC_1800-1850_A_Second_Revolution.m4a
With special guest Michael Laiskonis.

Week 14 :: Week of June 21

Episode 14.04 —Chocolate_in_NYC_1750-1800_A_Consuming_Culture.mp3
With special guest Michael Laiskonis.

Week 13 :: Week of June 14

Episode 13.04 — Chocolate_in_NYC_A_New_York_State_of_Mind.mp3
With special guest Michael Laiskonis.

Featured image: Original by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

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