Pod Save Chocolate Calendar and Archive

Pod Save Chocolate Calendar and Archive

News, views, and conversations on topics in cocoa and chocolate streamed live to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. #PodSaveChocolate!

Future Episode Calendar

Episodes begin at 10:00 PST / 11:00 MST / 12:00 CST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT except if noted.

Episode 011, Friday, December 22nd
Topic: TBD
Episode 010, Tuesday, December 19
Topic: Deep Dive: The EUDR with Antonie Fountain, VOICE Network
Episode 009, Friday, December 15
Topic: TBD
Episode 008, Tuesday, December 12
Topic: TBD
Episode 007, Friday, December 8
Topic: TBD
Episode 006, Tuesday, December 5
Topic: Two reviews and one Tasting
Episode 005, Friday, December 1
Topic: December News RoundUp and AMA

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WNWN: alt.chocolates’ Future? | #PodSaveChocolate
Episode 4 of #PodSaveChocolate features a discussion of alt.chocolate and some opinions about whether or not they could be the future of chocolate. #cacao #cocoa #chocolate

Ep 004 | Tuesday November 28th

Giving Thanks For Chocolate | #PodSaveChocolate
Episode 3 of #PodSaveChocolate features a tasting of some chocolates I picked up on my recent London trip as well as a discussion of what I have to be thankful for in my pursuit of my ChocolateLife. #cacao #cocoa #chocolate

Ep 003 | Friday November 24th

Disrupting Chocolate from the farm to the consumer | #PodSaveChocolate
Episode 2 of #PodSaveChocolate features a discussion of factors that will be disruptive, that may be disruptive, and that may not be disruptive of the status quo ante in cocoa and chocolate. #cacao #cocoa #chocolate

Ep 002 | Tuesday November 21st

Birgitte Rasine: The Cacao Muse | #PodSaveChocolate
Episode 1 of #PodSaveChocolate features Birgitte Rasine, The Cacao Muse, and introduces a new interactive content collaboration between TheChocolateLife and The Cacao Muse. #cacao #cocoa #chocolate

Ep 001 | Friday November 17th

In this episode, Birgitte Rasine is introduced as the guest and shares her story of growing up in the Czech Republic and discovering her love for chocolate in the United States. She talks about her book, The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree, and how it led to her becoming a chocolate critic and later, a mentor to many in the chocolate industry. Birgitte discusses her experience at an international conference for cocoa and chocolate, where she felt disconnected between the people in the industry and those in the field. She also mentions the connection between Mayan mythology and the reverence for the cacao tree, which was considered sacred by the native people of Mesoamerica. Birgitte then discusses her plans to write a book inspired by her experiences and observations, hoping to inspire others to take action and make positive change for the planet. She then discusses the Mesoamerican calendar and its three main systems: the Long Count, the Hub, and the Tzolk'in. They also discuss the concept of cultural appropriation and why they chose to write about chocolate in their next book. Host Clay Gordon talks about the idea that the stars in the sky were once predictors of natural events and over time, they gained agency and became responsible for the change. The Maya were a polytheistic culture and believed that the Divine was everywhere in all forms of nature, including the Tzolk'in Day signs.

TheChocolateLifeLIVE Archive

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#TheChocolateLifeLIVE Archive
News, views, and conversations on topics in cocoa and chocolate streamed live to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
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